A Guide to Fitness and Exercise Goal-Setting

A Guide to Fitness and Exercise Goal-Setting

By Debi Rideout

Many people are concerned around this time of year about losing weight. It is really important to find a way to lose weight in a healthy way. One of the best ways to lose weight is to set a few fitness and exercise goals. It will help to motivate you, and it will keep you on the right track to losing weight. Here is a guide to fitness and exercise goal-setting:


The first thing to do is to decide what you really want in terms of fitness. You need to decide how much weight you want to lose, how toned you want to be and how much to exercise each day. Figure out what kind of exercises and fitness is right for your body type. Talk to your doctor about ways to get in shape. It is not just your body that you need to get in shape; your mind needs to be completely on board, too. You need to really want to change the way you have been doing things, and set a new course of action in meeting your fitness and exercise goals. If you are not really committed, then you will not follow through on your goals.


One of the things that can help you keep your fitness and exercise goal-setting is to get a journal. Journal about all your goals. Write down all of your thoughts and promises to yourself in your journal. Make a list of all your fitness and exercise objectives. Be realistic with yourself when you set up your exercise goals. Write down exactly what you want out of your fitness and exercise plan. This will help you keep track of how things are going with your fitness and exercise goals so that you can make adjustments if you need too.


It is important that you set a time every day for your fitness and exercise needs. Try to exercise every day at the same time. Most people need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to truly get the most out of it. If your doctor says it is okay, try to mix up your fitness and exercise routines so that your body does not get used to just one fitness and exercise routine. Your body can stop losing weight if that happens. Doing your fitness and exercises at the same time every day will help you to not try to skip or forget to do them, and it will help you to keep on track of your fitness and exercise goals.


Think about the rewards that you will receive when accomplishing your fitness and exercise goal-setting. Thinking about your rewards will help to motivate you to keep your fitness and exercise goals. Give yourself little rewards every time you hit some of your exercise and fitness goals. Reward yourself with things that mean something to you. For example, buy a new item of clothing when you go down a size. You can lose weight and become healthier if you just follow these simple fitness and exercise goals.


Fitness and Diet Plans for Women

Fitness and Diet Plans for Women

By Debi Rideout

Many women are looking to lose weight and be healthier. There are so many different fitness and diets plans out there. For example, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Curves and the Mediterranean diet plans are all very popular right now. How does anyone determine which is the best choice, and which ones are the most effective? There are several of the most effective fitness and diet plans for women today.


The best way to find the most effective fitness and diet plan for you is to do some research. Talk to your doctor about what is the right fitness and diet plan for you. Every woman’s body is different, and since there are so many diet plans out there you want to make sure you choose the right one for you. Your main key is to lose weight in a healthy way. So really do your research before you begin a fitness and diet plan.


If you really want to have an effective fitness and diet plan, then you need to make sure that you have high motivation. That is why it is important that you pick a diet plan that you can really stick with. Be realistic with yourself. Do not pick a diet plan where you know you do not like the food or that you already know that you will have a hard time actually doing it. There are so many diet plans out there that it should not be hard to pick one that you can actually stick with.


The best way to actually follow through on your diet and fitness plan is to make sure you have the proper support. Tell those people that care about you what your fitness and diet plan goal is. Having someone on your side will help you stick with the fitness and diet plan that you picked. You can even discuss with them the types of fitness and diet plans you have. Ask them if you can come to them when you are struggling to stay on the plan.

Diet Plans

There are a ton of different diet plans on the market these days. Choose wisely. Some diet plans are not healthy for your body at all, and you need to keep away from those. For example, extreme diet plans are those that either take away certain foods or add certain foods in such a severe way that you can actually make your body sick. It is important that you have a diet plan that gives you a well-balanced meal. That is the best diet plan for you in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

Fitness Plans

The best way for a woman to lose weight is to have both a diet plan and a fitness plan. Ask your doctor what kind of fitness plans is good for you. Most efficient fitness plans require that you have some sort of physical activity at least 30 minutes a day. Do not overwork your body, but rather gradually work your body activity up to a higher level. If you stick to your healthy fitness plan and diet plan, then you should see great progress, and the weight and fat will just slip away.

New Year’s Traditions

New Year’s Traditions

By Debi Rideout

Many people like to go out on New Year’s Eve. They like to be surrounded by lots of people, and enjoy huge noisy celebrations. That has never been something that has really appealed to me. While I like a good party like any other person, I like to be home on New Year’s Eve. It has always been a holiday tradition at my house to keep just our family together for the big entrance of the new upcoming year. Family has always been what my life has always been centered around, and that is how I always chose to bring in the New Year.

One of our holiday traditions for the New Year is to make sure our home is always ready for the special occasion. A couple days before New Year’s Eve, my children and I transform our home into our own unique party look for New Year’s Eve. Our tables are covered with party hats, party horns, and streamers upon streamers in different colors are draped all over our home. We laugh and sing as we decorate our house for the New Year. Our party has just begun.

When New Year’s Eve actually is here we plan a very special dinner for our family. We order in Chinese. We put in our order to the restaurant, and then we bring out the family game boards. While we wait for our delicious meal to appear, we play games. This event continues throughout the evening until we see the famous New York ball drop on TV.

As we finish up eating our Chinese food we are all anxious to see what our fortune cookies have to say. We always order extra because who does not delight in having more chances for a happy prediction of things to come? After we read our fortune cookies aloud to each other that is when we all think of our New Year’s Resolutions. We take a couple minutes to reflect on the year we have had, and we think about our expectations for the New Year. Lastly, as we look at the New Year fireworks being displayed into the sky directly over our home, we grab each others hands. For the one thing we can all conclude is that whether in the past year or the future year it is our family that means the most to us. As long as we have each other, we will always find our future to be bright.

Are You Suffering from Cold Sores?

Are You Suffering from Cold Sores?

By Debi Rideout

Many people suffer from cold sores. Cold sores are a type of oral herpes. They are fever blisters that appear usually from Herpes Simplex Virus. Usually it is HSV-1 Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 that causes cold sores. Once you get the virus it stays inside your body, but some people will get outward appearing flare ups from time to time. There are many things to understand about herpes cold sores.


You will know that you are infected by a cold sore by its appearance on your body. It will be a few fluid filled blisters. It may have a red looking appearance. You may notice pain in the area right before the cold sores appear. Once the cold sores break apart they will seep. Then your cold sores will dry out and crust over.


Usually a cold sore is most common to be seen on the mouth area of your body. You can also get cold sores on your fingers, nostrils, chin, and your mouth. If you have a cold sore actually in your mouth, it will probably be on your gums or in the roof area of your mouth. Typically, though you will notice a cold sore on your lip. Many people have cold sores right in the corner of both of their lips or on the top/bottom lips.


Many people just wait the cold sore out. Most cold sores go away on their own without treatment. It usually goes away in about two weeks of the first appearance of it. The trick is not to touch the cold sores too much. Let it break naturally. If your cold sores do not heal up right away, go see your doctor. Your doctor may give you an antiviral medication or antibiotic to help treatment of your herpes cold sores.


Cold sores are contagious. So keep away from skin contact from someone who already has herpes cold sores. If you are the person who already has it, try to keep from physically touching other people while you are having a flare up of cold sores. Also understand why your flare ups happen because there might be a pattern to it. Some cold sore flare ups happen because of stress, illness, menstruation, and sunlight. If you are concerned about cold sores, please see your doctor for more information. Cold sores are manageable and treatable.


Best Secret Santa Gifts for Men

Best Secret Santa Gifts for Men

By Debi Rideout

Yes, it is that time of year again. Christmas is almost here. For many of us, that means office, club, friend and family parties to attend. You might even be asked to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange. You might have to buy a great gift for a man while playing Secret Santa. Since it is not always easy to buy Secret Santa gifts for men, here are some suggestions for you on the best Secret Santa Gifts for men:


Many men love travel gifts. Most men travel, whether it is for their job or for a fun vacation. A travel alarm clock would be a good Secret Santa gift for a man. Also there are some interesting travel groomer sets that would be good for a man who loves to travel. Almost every man I know loves his shaving kit, and a really nice one would make a great Secret Santa gift. There are also lots of travel books out there that men might enjoy.

Gift Cards

Gift cards might be an easy route to go, but I do not know of a single man who would not be thrilled to receive a gift card. You can get all kinds of them. You can get gift cards for restaurants, movies, book stores, home improvement stores, etc. Most grocery stores carry a variety of gift cards that any man would love to receive. In some stores you can even buy pretty little tins or gift bags that hold the gift card so it really feels like he is opening up a gift.


There are some pretty cool electronics out there these days that would make the best Secret Santa gifts for men. If you have money to spend, you may want to buy a digital photo frame. This is a great gift that may be displayed in the job place or in the home. I know several men who would enjoy getting anything that has to do with music. For example, a new music player would be a great gift for a man. The ultimate electronic gift that would probably be much loved for a Secret Santa present is a universal remote control.


Some men just really love their tools. A great Secret Santa gift for them would be a new tool. You could buy them a pocket knife. There are also multi-tools that are really cool to have. You could even buy them a tool box kit so they have plenty of options.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are always a good way to go for Secret Santa presents for men. There are so many options you can have. You can also make them yourself, or buy one already pre-made. Themed gift baskets are always fun to enjoy. You can have movie ones, chocolate-filled, meat and cheese ones, cookie ones, and all sorts of creative themes. Gift baskets are some of the best Secret Santa gifts for men.

What is Lactose Intolerance?

What is Lactose Intolerance?

By Debi Rideout

Many people are lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance is when there is the inability to be able to digest lactose properly. Lactose is a type of sugar that is found in milk and other dairy products. Basically there is an enzyme in your body called lactase. This is formed by the small intestine lining, and being lactose intolerant means that you have a shortage of lactase in your body. So your body cannot handle the sugars that are found in milk products. There are many things to know about having lactose intolerance.


Some people are just born being lactose intolerant. It is just hereditary. Other people have lactose intolerance because of an intestinal disease like irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease. Some babies get it, but it is usually only temporary. This is called congenital lactose intolerance. The infants just cannot handle their mother’s breast milk. There is lactose free formula that can help in these situations.


Usually a person who is lactose intolerant will begin to feel the signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance within two hours of having dairy products. One of the first things you will probably notice is that your stomach feels bloated and that you may have gas. Your tummy may even make gurgling noises. You will probably have diarrhea and have abdominal cramps when having lactose intolerance symptoms. Sometimes nausea may even occur.


If you think that you maybe lactose intolerant, do see your doctor. You discuss with your doctor the symptoms that you are having. If your stomach seems to get upset every time you have milk products then you may have lactose intolerance. There is a lactose intolerance test that you can take to see if you really are lactose intolerant. Ask your doctor if you can have that test so you can be 100 percent sure you have lactose intolerance or not.


Being lactose intolerant is not a health risk to really worry about. Just realize that if you have lactose intolerance that you may want to ease up on milk and dairy products. Try to not have milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, and cream. There are lactose tablets and drops that you can take to help break down lactose in your meals if you really cannot keep away from dairy products all of the time. Talk to your doctor about what is the best treatment for you.


Christmas Traditions: Great-Great-Grandma’s Secret Cookie Recipe

Christmas Traditions: Great-Great-Grandma’s Secret Cookie Recipe

By Debi Rideout

Christmas time is a magical time, and that is what we try to evoke with our Christmas holiday traditions in our household. My own childhood was filled with Christmas magic. Every year, we would go to my grandfather’s bed-and-breakfast for Christmas. I would ice skate on the pond in his back yard. I would make family-tradition holiday cookies and popcorn balls with my grandma in the cozy kitchen they had. On Christmas Eve, we would eat a grand meal of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding while dressed up in our fanciest clothes. Then we would go to a beautiful candlelight midnight church service to bring in Christmas Day.

Now I have my own marvelous children to bring holiday magic to. My grandfather, my grandma, and my mother have passed on, but I still try to bring the Christmas holiday traditions that I learned as a child to my own children. One tradition that I do every year is bake with my children my great-great-grandma’s secret cookie recipe. It is special cut out cookies with homemade frosting. We make all sorts of holiday shapes, but it’s the stars that mean the most to me. I tell my children they are the stars in my life, and that I always want them to shine brightly in life.

Those holiday cookies bring a special bond to us during the holiday season. It makes me think of family and what it means to be close with those you love. For generations, my family has made those special cookies, bringing holiday joy. My kids even get special holiday aprons to wear, and we put on Santa hats instead of chefs hats to make our holiday cookies. Our laughter fills the whole house.

Many people have their own traditions of having a big Christmas breakfast at their homes. At our house, we eat our special holiday cookies Christmas morning. As we are opening our presents to each other, we enjoy a nice tasty treat. We also remember those who have passed on before us, and we keep their memories alive when we miss them the most. Our holiday cookies are made with love and laughter, and is that not what the Christmas holiday spirit is really all about?

Holiday Movie Memories: ‘White Christmas’

Holiday Movie Memories: ‘White Christmas’

By Debi Rideout

Holiday traditions are a big deal in my family. I like to bring special events from my own childhood, and make it special for my own children. One of my absolute favorite holiday traditions is to share and make new holiday movie memories with my family. Every year during the Christmas season it is a joy to watch the movie “White Christmas” with my family. There are many reasons why we watch the movie “White Christmas” every year.


I started watching the movie “White Christmas” with my mother when I was a very young child. I remember sitting in my mother’s lap eating Christmas cookies while I watched “White Christmas” for the first time. Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” captivated me as a child. I fell immediately in love with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera Ellen. Every time I hear “I am Dreaming of a White Christmas” it still touches my soul. It makes me think of Christmas’s past and Christmas’s to come. It means even more to me since my own mother has passed on.


“White Christmas” is an endearing movie that was released in 1954. The movie starts off with soldiers dreaming of their own white Christmas and wishing they were with their families. Their beloved “General” is also retiring. Captain Wallace and Phillip Davis put on a show because it is Christmas. The war ends, and Wallace and Davis team up together as performers. They meet a sister act, and follow them to Vermont where the “General” is running a bed and breakfast. There they show everyone the true meaning of friendship and Iove.


There is a certain nostalgic magic that comes to me every time I watch “White Christmas” every December. Watching it helps to make Christmas become real for me. I watch the glow of pleasure on my children’s faces as they watch the same movie that delighted me as a child. All of us start singing together the treasured Christmas songs from the movie, and it brings us closer together as a family. We all start cheering when the snow finally starts to fall. Watching this wonderful movie “White Christmas” makes us dream of our own white Christmas every year, and it makes us want to help others just like the characters do in the movie. Is that not one of the true meanings of Christmas?

McAdenville: Christmas Town USA

McAdenville: Christmas Town USA

By Debi Rideout

Many people all over the country travel to see the bright holiday lights of “Christmas Town USA” in McAdenville, North Carolina. If you are the type of person that wants to feel the holiday spirit, then this is the place for you to travel too. This quaint town is near Charlotte, North Carolina, and it has been bringing holiday joy to tons of people throughout the years. There are many reasons to travel to McAdenville, North Carolina to see “Christmas Town USA”.


One of the many reasons why McAdenville, North Carolina is the place to visit is because of “Christmas Town USA”. McAdenville has been well known for being a small textile town. In 1956 a Christmas holiday tradition started of putting holiday lights on town live trees. Today, 55 years later, there are over 375 live trees with holiday lights on them for visitors to see. The trees range all the way up to 90 feet. It is a true holiday sight to see.


It is free to see the Christmas lights in “Christmas Town USA”. You can either walk or drive through the picturesque town of McAdenville to enjoy the holiday lights and holiday entertainments. If you drive through the town, the route is about 2 miles long. With traffic the drive is about 30 to 45 minutes to see the holiday display of lights. You can usually see the lighted “Christmas Town USA” from Monday – Friday 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday – Sunday 5:30 to 11 p.m. starting from December 1st to December 26th. “Christmas Town USA” is a holiday light display that will probably be a happy holiday memory that you will never forget.


There is a lake nestled in this small charming town that you will want to see. In the middle of the lake there is a lighted fountain that has different ranges of color. Old Man Winter makes an appearance with his lighted image that actually blows snowflakes out into the air. Although McAdenville is in the south, it truly always has a white Christmas. Everyone delights in seeing snowflakes drop from the air. There is also a life size nativity scene in “Christmas Town USA” for those of you who hold the religious meaning of Christmas tightly to your hearts. Christmas carols can be heard all around the town constantly from church chimes being played. There is just so much to be seen and heard in “Christmas Town USA” that makes this place a truly special one.


There is plenty of holiday entertainment that you can enjoy in “Christmas Town USA”. Every year on December 1st there is a Lighting Ceremony for you to enjoy. You can also go to the Yule Log Parade and Ceremony. These events help to bring everyone together to enjoy the holidays together. Go be part of the Christmas holiday tradition that makes McAdenville the special holiday place it is. There is a reason it is called “Christmas Town USA”.


The Dangers of Holiday Travel

The Dangers of Holiday Travel

By Debi Rideout

Let’s face it. There are many dangers of holiday travel. It is not easy to travel during the holidays no matter what type of transportation you take to get to your destination. If you are traveling you have to be careful during the holidays. Use these travel tips to help you avoid the perils of holiday travel.


No matter what type of transportation you use this holiday season expect there to be overcrowding. So be careful and be prepared for it. If you are taking a plane this holiday season make sure you are on time to the airport, and that your tickets are booked right. Many flights are overbooked. You do not want to be bumped to the next flight. There will be overcrowding everywhere. There will be overcrowding in the streets if you are driving to your holiday destination, and on any lines that are formed for holiday travel like airports and train stations.

Angry People

If you are traveling this holiday season, then expect to encounter some angry people. People get really stressed out during the holidays. For example, you will see some pretty inpatient people waiting on long lines for holiday travel. Angry people tend to get loud and confrontational. Try to be as patient as possible. Be patient while driving when the roads are completely a mess with traffic. Also be patient when dealing with others because patience is the best tip for holiday travel safety.


One of the perils of holiday travel is time. There never seems like there is enough time to get to your holiday destination. So try to leave yourself extra time to make your journey. If you realize that because of the holiday’s time might be an issue, your trip will probably go better. So plan ahead. Add in extra time for your holiday travel.

Drinking and Driving

It is the holiday season. That means be prepared for holiday drinkers especially while driving on the roads. You need to be very alert when in a car whether you are the one driving or just a passenger. Plus, make sure you do not drink and drive yourself. If you plan to indulge in some holiday spirits, then do not be on the roads at all. Drinking and driving can cause many accidents and even cause death.

Accidents/Breaking Down

If you are driving a car for your holiday travel, you need to be really cautious. You will probably see an accident on the road, or you may even be involved in one especially if you have a long journey to take. Plus, your car could even break down during your holiday travel. Make sure you take your car in for a check-up before going on your holiday trip. Have an emergency kit in your car, and that you have a fully charged cell phone so that you can make calls if you need too. Let people know which route you will be taking to reach your holiday destination. There are many perils of holiday travel, but if you plan ahead it may make your holiday travel a safer and happier one.